TfsGiggle FAQ.

Why are only a max of 200 documents returned?
The primary reason is that users rarely need a plethora of documents returned, another reason is to reduce the risk of a WCF-you-are-sending-too-much stuff error (I know this could be handled by paging). The max of 200 documents are probably too much already, however this can be changed in the config file.

Why can TfsGiggle only handle C#/C++ and JavaScript file extensions?
The above languages will probably cover ~80% of the languages in most shops, there's really no technical reason why other languages couldn't be included in the index. Only thing to remember is to include the added language's keyword's as stopwords to reduce noise. Currently no language parsing is performed by TfsGiggle, plans for adding C# and C++ parsers are underway.

How do I take a backup of the index?
Stop the TfsGiggle service, backup the Index folder, start the TfsGiggle service.

What kind of search queries can I use?
TfsGiggle will search for changeset- and workitem-ids if you enter an integer. TfsGiggle uses the Lucene search engine, so take a look on this page to get more information. The specific fields you can search on are listed in FieldNames.cs in TfsGiggle.Core.

How much will TfsGiggle index?
TfsGiggle will try to index all changesets received from TFS. This also means that changes to workitems are not tracked; changes to changeset comments after the changeset are indexed are also not tracked; the only way workitem & changeset changes are included in the index is when the changesets/workitems are referenced by a new changeset.

How do I troubleshoot TfsGiggle?
TfsGiggle has extensive trace logs; change the trace setting to file in the config to get the traces into the log-file.
  • Verify that the TfsGiggle service is running
  • Verify that any firewall settings are not blocking VSTS from connecting to the TfsGiggle service; check the log.
  • Look in the eventlog for TfsGiggle errors
  • Look in log file's in the Logs folder
  • Run TfsGiggle.Console.exe where TfsGiggle is installed and running, then type status: to see what's in the index

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